About Us

Welcome to i play math games!

With the right tools, learning math is fun, easy and gives kids the confidence that they can be successful. The goal of I Play Math Games (IPMG) is to provide educators with materials to help inspire both teachers and students to a brighter math education. IPMG Publishing is a family owned and operated developer and publisher of math games and activities. With interactive and multimedia learning opportunities, students discover their potential and improve their skills. As part of the IPMG mission, a portion of our profits return to the St. Paul Schools Foundation.

IPMG was born out of White Bear Publishing. Owner Charles Lund inspired students and teachers to not only excel at math, but to enjoy it too. Lund’s passion for creating engaging learning experiences and giving back to the community remained as IPMG was launched in 2004. Since then we’ve been working to bring playful, educational games to educators and students. Be in touch with IPMG to see how adding IPMG to your mathematics curriculum will enhance your students’ learning experience.