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The Times They Are a Changin’ for IPMG Publishing

Bob Dylan popularized this phrase many years ago in his anthemic song of the same name.  IPMG Publishing has been changing in recent years for several reasons.

First, the launch of IPMG’s Tic Tac Math Apps created a unique opportunity to be a first mover as the first iPad app introduced at the NCTM conference in 2010.  Couple this with iPad adoptions in schools and it’s pretty clear that the print business is in trouble from a usage standpoint but also from an educational value perspective.

Second, the cost of printing has gone through the roof!  As it is now, IPMG Publishing can no longer afford to offer the discounts necessary to distributors, inventory the products and ship them out while still earning a profit.  So things have to change…..

What does this all mean?  Starting in 2013, we will begin to make IPMG’s extensive library of math game and activity content available for free via this blog.  After you download the pdf of the game or activity and use it for a bit, I’d be grateful if you would come back and write a quick comment about how you use the math games or math activities that you selected.

My goal is to develop more games for the iPad based on the content that we have available.  While the games will now be free as a pdf download, all that I ask in exchange, is that if you have a blog, an iPad program in your school or a list of recommended apps for parents on your school website, that you include the Tic Tac Math series, available on the App Store here, in your planning.

Thanks and stop back often to get free math games and free math activities!  Oh, and  please forward this on to any of your friends and colleagues who may be interested in this sort of thing.

iPlaymathgames.com’s Tic Tac Math Series receives SMART Accreditation!

Recently, the three Tic Tac Math Interactive math games that are available in SMART Notebook software on iplaymathgames.com received the SMART seal of approval. Classic, Fractions and Algebra were all found to have full functionality in the market leading SMARTboard environment.

This is great news for students and teachers who love to use these great games as “fillers,” team building activities or a reward for a job well done. Tic Tac Math is a fun game for kids whichever version you choose!

“Who is IPMG Publishing?”

It’s one of the most common questions that I hear as we display at meetings and conferences. Below is a bit of a history of our company. A quick word about who may be posting on this Blog. It could be any one of these three people:
Joel Gaslin: Joel is a founder of IPMG Publishing and serves as the managing partner of IPMG. Joel has a business background spanning 20 years in various sales and marketing roles. With five years in the education market, Joel will comment mostly on trends relating to the business side of education and day-to-day things with www.iplaymathgames.com , new product development and promotional activities.
Marty Gaslin: Marty is also a founder of IPMG Publishing. Marty currently works in St. Paul, Minnesota Public Schools as the Secondary Math Supervisor. Marty has served in St. Paul Public Schools for more than twenty years, spent more than fifteen years as a classroom teacher and still teaches math at Metro State University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Marty will comment on, and address comments related to, the subject of math games and activities and how they can be used to support any curriculum.
Bill Gaslin: Bill is also a founder of IPMG Publishing and the father of Marty and Joel. Bill is currently retired from a long career in education that began in the classroom as a math teacher while pursuing his Ph.D. in math education and ended with the role of Superintendent of Schools in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Even during his various tenures as Superintendent, Bill always looked for opportunities to assist in a math classroom or teach a lesson for an absent math teacher. His love of mathematics education is a life endeavor and Bill will write comments on the state of the mathematics education profession, school district issues both local and national and whatever else a retired math education professional may see the need to write about. And don’t be surprised if he slips in something about golf, too!
IPMG Publishing is a family owned and operated developer and publisher of math games and activities with a goal of helping kids to enjoy math and believe that they can be good at it. IPMG began in the 2004 with the purchase of White Bear Publishing by The Gaslin Group, LLC. At the time, White Bear Publishing had been in existence since the late 1970’s and was owned by Mr. Charles Lund.
Charles Lund was a man gifted with both a love of math education and a talent for creating games and activities that helped teachers and kids relate to math concepts. Charles served in various capacities of math education ranging from a classroom teacher to the Director of Math Curriculum for St. Paul, Minnesota, Public Schools. During his various roles, Charles used his talents to create math games and activities that helped teachers teach and students learn.
As the number and scope of the materials that Charles developed grew, he formed White Bear Publishing as a way to commercialize his talent, help other teachers, connect kids with math and donate back to the St. Paul Public Schools. White Bear Publishing always donated all profit back to the school district. Today, IPMG Publishing still continues this tradition by donating a portion of profits back to the St. Paul Schools Foundation.
In subsequent posts, I’ll outline some of the highlights of the evolution from White Bear Publishing to IPMG Publishing.