IPMG Software is a Family-Owned Math Game Business. Seriously. Just the Way We Like It.

Developing math games and software is a serious business. All of us pitching-in makes it a lot more fun!


When we’re not enjoying the day-to-day exercises of being owner-operators of a math game software business, we love to travel, cook and play golf. What’s great is we can still do all of these while running our little enterprise!

Years in Business
Gaslin Kids
Math Game Software Apps
Math Game Books

Math Game Worksheets and Software

From the acquisition of math game content developed by Whitebear Publishing, IPMG Software continues to innovate to help kids love math!

100% Family Owned

In a world of corporate mergers and venture funded concepts, we’re faithful stewards of our enterprise and are grateful for your support of what we’re building to help kids love math.

Meet the IPMG (I Play Math Games) Software Team

We all play our parts and contribute what we can. It’s fun knowing we’re helping kids improve their math scores with our math games software.

Joel Gaslin

Owner and President

Jean Gaslin


Grace Gaslin

Digital Marketing

Anne Gaslin

Marketing and Content Development

Mike Gaslin

Software Development

Ben Gaslin

Marketing Specialist

Walter Gaslin

Duties as Needed

Milton Gaslin

Making People Smile

IPMG Software also produces math games for the iPad and iPhone that are available on the App Store in iTunes. Check them out here!

Fun Family Math Games


A good way to help kids love math is with a regular Family Math Night. Here is a free sample of one we put together from IPMG's collection of games. We hope you like it!

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  1. Laura Halloran

    We all know jean runs the show!!! I keep forgetting about your math games!!! I would love to see the dice and card games books…I use dice and cards for many teaching methods in my class! People tease me that I’m getting my students ready for Vegas!

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