The Story of IPMG (IPlayMathGames) Software

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    IPMG Software is a Family Owned Math Game and Motivation Business

    IPMG Software sells fun math games and apps that build math skills and encourage kids to build a positive MATH ATTITUDE!

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    Math Attitude Developers

    From attitude comes aptitude. When kids believe they can be good at math, they are. Math games and apps are a good way to encourage a healthy MATH ATTITUDE.

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    A "Math Family" Enters the Business of Math

    In 2004, William Gaslin, Ph. D. (Math Education), Marty Gaslin (29 year Math Teacher) and Joel Gaslin (Business Development) formed The Gaslin Group, LLC and acquired Whitebear Publishing from the estate of Charles Lund. Mr. Lund was a gifted educator and developer of math games and activities designed to help kids learn and teachers teach. Acquired in the transaction were more than 600 games and activities. All of these were developed and tested in the classrooms of the St. Paul Public Schools where Mr. Lund served as the Director of Math Curriculum for many years.

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    Print to Digital, Interactive Apps and Free Games - The Business of Math Transitions

    In our twelve years in the business of math, we’ve adapted to many changes. All of our content was acquired in publications printed on large, out-dated printing films. In 2005 and 2006 we transitioned all of our games to individual pdf’s to offer the ability to quickly create new, focused materials. In 2007 launched and in April of 2010 IPMG introduced the Tic Tac Math series iOS apps to the market at the NCTM conference in San Diego. 2012 is the year IPMG exited the printed book business because the costs were too high to continue offering these products through distribution channels. Free samples of our games are always available and we appreciate it when people download a sample, play the game with their kids and come back to either donate a few dollars or buy the pdf of the book.

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    Withstanding the Rigorous Test of Time

    Mr. Lund’s original mission to help kids believe they can be good at math by playing fun math games and activities remains our passion. We’ve faced many obstacles along the way and remain grateful for those who support us through app purchases in the App Store on iTunes and book pdf downloads. We will continue to work to earn revenue to sustain our “One New Game A Quarter” strategy we developed one year ago.

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    Self-funded and Independent

    Thanks for reading the highlights of our story. We believe our final chapter is yet to be written and we’re all working hard to make certain it’s interesting. In time’s of corporate mergers and venture funded concepts, we remain faithful stewards of our private enterprise. We are grateful for your support of our passion to help kids learn to believe in their universal opportunity to be good at math.

Meet the IPMG (I Play Math Games) Software Team

We all play our parts and contribute what we can. It’s fun knowing we’re helping kids improve their math scores with our math games software, books and activities.

Joel Gaslin - IPMG Owner and President

Joel Gaslin

Owner and President
Jean Gaslin - IPMG Owner

Jean Gaslin

Grace Gaslin - IPMG Digital Marketing Strategist

Grace Gaslin

Digital Marketing
Anne Gaslin - IPMG Marketing and Content Development Specialist

Anne Gaslin

Marketing and Content Development
Mike Gaslin - IPMG Software Development Specialist

Mike Gaslin

Software Development
Ben Gaslin - IPMG Marketing Assistant

Ben Gaslin

Marketing Specialist
Walter Gaslin - He's a Silver Labrador Retriever and he loves to play fetch the rope

Walter Gaslin

Duties as Needed
Milton Gaslin - Is a Yorkie Chihuahua mix and he's about the spunkiest little fella you'll ever find

Milton Gaslin

Making People Smile
Tic Tac Math Game App Software for iOS Devices

IPMG Software also produces math games for the iPad and iPhone that are available on the App Store in iTunes. Check them out here!

Fun Family Math Games


A good way to help kids love math is with a regular Family Math Night. Here is a free sample of one we put together from IPMG's collection of games. We hope you like it!

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