The Consumerization of Education

Last week I attended a conference on Technology. During the conference, there was a phrase used that I thought was very interesting and had a unique parallel to what I am trying to accomplish with IPMG.

The phrase “the Consumerization of IT” was used to describe the evolution of centralized IT services in companies to individuals managing their own devices with intermittent need for instruction and services. After the conference, this phrase stuck with me and I found myself stunned by the parallel to apps in education.

The mind-boggling part of this is that the app economy is shifting the responsibility more to the user. Away from a centralized system of we teach, you listen, learn and take test to an environment of, learn where and when you want to, use a device that makes sense for you, get quick feedback on progress and have a more positive relationship with the subject.

This is fun stuff. And IPMG will transition all of its’ substantial math content repository to apps over the next five years. Just need to figure out a way to pay for it! Please stay tuned.

Fun Family Math Games


A good way to help kids love math is with a regular Family Math Night. Here is a free sample of one we put together from IPMG's collection of games. We hope you like it!

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